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Next Wave Marketing is Your On-Demand Marketing Agency

On Demand Marketing

On-Demand Marketing: Shorten The Entire Sales Cycle

When it comes to marketing and client acquisition, the shortest distance between two points is a STRAIGHT line. To narrow that gap even faster, On-Demand Marketing can mean the difference between a few days to a couple of weeks instead of a few months to close out a new client.

Going directly to the source of your company’s revenue through engaging with prospective clients is the straightest approach to a 100% increase in effort leading to winning results. This is referred to as an On-Demand approach. The elimination of obvious barriers to connecting with clients is key.

Simply put, On-Demand Marketing is much like a push button remote to turn on a recurring stream of income that you control from your fingertips. We’ll be there to guide the success and help build in an entirely new wave of culture and fanatics.

The Effort Given Today Is The Result Enjoyed Tomorrow

Acquiring and keeping YOUR customers is a challenge with all of the noise out there. We’ll help you turn down the sound.

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Why Should We Hire Next Wave Marketing?

As a Marketing Agency, our focus is on creating instant results for your company. By launching an effective campaign followed by analysis afterward, we can determine what lies ahead.

These tiny shifts in momentum and creating organized chaos can put the wheels in motion and also help us to validate your proof of concept. We go all-in, leading with the full belief that failure is not an option, literally “burning the boats” knowing that we’ll be victorious in the end.

What is the single, easiest way to take a seemingly ineffective internet presence with a website from an interrupting, cold-calling, door-knocking suspect to your glorified agency of choice in a matter of minutes?

IMMEDIATE RESULTS! It’s that simple change that brings you around from being a hater to being a supporter. How amazing would one new client, one new customer, or one new meeting after months of stagnant growth instantly change your outlook?

Industries We Are Currently Working In

Alarm & Security

Residential alarm and smart home technology sales have tripled over the last 5 years.

Legal Services

Direct sales as an Employee Benefit to HR departments or as an employee incentive program.


The earth is calling on every direct sales individual to aid our planet with renewable energy.


As a dealer for preferred national carriers, we market wireless mobility and fixed wireless internet.

Burn The Boats Marketing Approach

Let’s face it: marketing and advertising is undergoing a constant and massive wave of evolution. And, it’s mission critical for us here at Next Wave Marketing to begin challenging our competition. We’ll do what we have to win the battle – one client after another.

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