Who Is Next Wave Marketing

Next Wave Marketing is Denver's On-Demand Marketing Agency

About Next Wave Marketing

Although we might be the newer kid on the block, our roots and skill sets go back 20+ years, long before the Digital Revolution took hold. The leadership of Next Wave Marketing was built on the tenet that with each opportunity that passes by, another possibility is equally positioned in front of it. That has served us well even in the most recent of times as we witnessed during the pandemic.

J Sonny Wolcott


Since 1999, Sonny has been with multiple national direct selling organizations and has always excelled and advanced through the ranks via complete domination in product or service sales. In 2014, he pivoted to an industry that he had never before worked and enjoyed the same results. His belief in the bigger picture has always played a crucial role in knowing and being focused on the end game. His background in telecom has opened up numerous paths to growth.

The Competition Is Not Fierce

As an agency, we are often times blown away by so-called professionals who claim to be “all the biz” in marketing, but looking at their website or collateral materials, you wouldn’t know it. Lacking any creativity or substance paints a certain picture while expecting you to believe that they are the answer to your prayers. The uninspiring text-based logo or the ‘free’ web builder token located at the bottom footer is often a dead giveaway. They promote¬† business to desperate and misinformed business owners by pushing digital marketing programs that lead to months and months of stagnant growth.

We Are Your On-Demand Marketing

Are you looking for the Who’s Who of Marketing? More importantly, just who is Next Wave Marketing? Unlike so many organizations who slap on the term “marketing” to their company name, we are a fierce group of wildly dedicated professionals that are materially present and participate in the operations of each of the endeavors we hold stakes in. Our individual successes along with wins from the group have been upheld by the fact that we’ve led the way in our own journeys, all the while the organization can only wonder how we’re accomplishing it.

The Definition of Insanity . . .

So ask youself this question – are you seeing the results each and every minute and hour of the day? Is your tomorrow’s success, weeks past due?

Put your current agency to the test and tell them to provide you with something that should be simple enough to produce – a dramatic increase of your current efforts within the next 24-48 hours which actually leads to an increase in the results. IF¬†– they can’t or don’t bother to, then it’s time you took matters into your own hands.

Industries We Are Currently Working In

Alarm & Security

Residential alarm and smart home technology sales have tripled over the last 5 years.

Legal Services

Direct sales as an Employee Benefit to HR departments or as an employee incentive program.


The earth is calling on every direct sales individual to aid our planet with renewable energy.


As a dealer for preferred national carriers, we market wireless mobility and fixed wireless internet.

Current Active Campaigns

SMB Telecom Rep

Digital & Direct Marketing
  • Connecting Colorado Businesses

Energy Consultant

Direct & Event Marketing
  • The Power of The Future Is Bright

Smart Home & Alarm

Security & Alarms
Direct Marketing
  • Protecting What Matters Most