A Guide To Marketing In The Galaxy

Unconscious Incompetence

As defined by some principle possibly, the above title is the essential of ‘not knowing what you don’t know.’ This is most notably observed, and humorously, I might add in several YouTube videos. They feature endless attempts at “ugly” parallel parking over and over from above by someone on the same level.

Speaking of a guide to marketing, did you know the media channel boasts some phenomenal metrics for its’ advertiser’s revenue?

Perhaps what’s needed instead of a guide is a road map or a self-driving / parking vehicle. Buckle up and take a ride as we practice safe marketing and you observe from a safe distance away. Your guide to marketing awaits!

Unconscious Competence

I witnessed firsthand Guitar Hero’s rise and fall as the ultimate Christmas gift to give several years ago. More importantly, astounded as I watched as my young son masterfully played on EXPERT mode. He knew the right buttons to push and even accounted for the slight delay and pauses the game presented. On the contrary, drum solos were my thing and we both played for hours.

The guide to marketing can be summed up as this: the required skill set needed is such that too many get it wrong by overthinking the process and ultimately leading too soon with the end result in mind. Instead, knowing what to say and when to say it, listening actively and responding with confidence are the keys to know when it’s time to move to the next stage.

Marketing Mastery

Of course, there’s no substitute for trial and error. Just getting out there and creating exposures or face-to-face contacts, despite the sweaty palms and occasional stammer and “umm” is intimidating. That old adage that “practice makes perfect” should be reworded to say that practice builds mastery. And perfect practice makes perfect results!

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for weary travelers and continue building our marketing empire using the heroes we find along the way!

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