Our Talent Begins With Being You

Denver's On-Demand Marketing Agency Requires Recruiting the Best Reps

Next Wave Talent

What Drives Our Success

When we bring on new reps for our campaigns, we have two main goals. Results requires recruting. To ensure that we can always over-deliver for our client, new talent is Goal One. However, Goal Two is to ensure that our client needs are always met and that means every rep we bring on to serve them must be in absolute and complete alignment.

As previously indicated, the leadership of Next Wave is participating in each of the ventures that are part of our folio of services. This is crucial since the knowledge and skill sets brought to us by new talent will learn by doing as opposed to hypothetical and supposed scenarios.

Building on Community and Personal Growth

Each of our industries that we are working in or more specifically, the needs and qualifications of each of our active campaigns varies and as such, we are very transparent about being able to work in, earn an income and become vested with each of our campaigns that we are active stakeholders in. You’re not locked into just one single campaign, but have the ability to diversify and work in different offerings.

We invite you to become part of the Next Wave community by submitting your Resume and a Cover Letter if you have one. Even if you don’t have one, we are inclusive of everyone and know that many of us are in constant transition daily. We look forward to growing with you.

Current Active Campaigns

Wound Care

Healthcare / Medical
Telesales & Event Marketing
  • Starts 11/11/23
New Client

Affordable Internet

Event & Direct Marketing
  • Starts 7/4/23

Insurance Broker

Life & Health Insurance
Telesales & Direct Marketing
  • Starts 4/30/22

Alarm Sales

Security & Alarms
Direct Marketing
  • Starts 12/19/22