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This SMB Compensation Plan is for the above-named individual, hereafter, referred to as the SMB Rep AND Next Wave Marketing, LLC, hereafter, referred to as the Company.


    1. This Compensation Package, is “subject to change” based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Aggregate Total Activations and overall viability and implementation of the Campaign.

      Our T-Mobile Partner Program is ultimately responsible for the ability to provide a lucrative payment structure but in exchange, the Campaign also requires consistency and established business practices from SMB Reps with a RAMP-UP minimum of New Activations every day, of which the nationwide and company-wide average is 1.8 new Subs per Rep, per day.

    1. All Reps are paid on a Commission-Based and any Applicable Bonuses and/or Adders PER NEW ACTIVATION OR SUBSCRIPTION based on the Commission Schedule shown further below. However, the only exception is the Performance Pay Rate Bonus, described below in Section 3.
    1. The SMB Rep will earn a Performance-Based Bonus upon 2 successful Activations during each Campaign Work Week of $104 per day. In an 8-hour day, this is the equivalent of $13.00 per hour. This is based upon any Rep who completes 2 or more T-Mobile Account Activation(s) or Subscription(s), completes all Training agendas, and on-going Training and ultimately works together as an Independent Contractor in the Field in coordination with the entire team.
    2. Any Rep that has not completed at least one(1) New Activation or Subscription at the end of the Work Week Campaign or is not engaged as an integral part of the team for a full 8-hour duration will only qualify for All Other Bonuses and Commissions. This is not meant to deter those who wish to work independently. However, long-standing statistics have shown that working together in a TEAM setting will always net 10X productivity and new Subscribers, allowing for an enhanced Compensation Plan. The Plan is also designed to incentivize all Reps to build an active and growing Sales Pipeline as quickly as possible to hit 3-5 sales per day.
    3. In accordance with IRS Guidelines, the Performance-Based Bonus is not to be construed as an Employee-based salary, but as a Bonus Payment based on an hourly rate by the Independent Contractor for work tasks completed, outbound marketing, and all activities within the Company’s workload and active Campaigns.
    1. All Reps who enter the Program through on-going Field Training will qualify for the Performance Pay Rate Bonus once they’ve completed  any Online Trainings outside of normally scheduled operations. This includes any Live or Recorded Classroom Trainings, TPV Trainings and other mandated training assignments.
    1. Every Qualified Account Lead entered into the Sales Portal, i.e. (Activation Portal for all Campaigns) with: 1) (POC) Point of Contact and (DM) Decision Maker information, 2) Existing Service Provider, 3) Valid Contact Phone, and 4) relevant information along with 5) valid Day/Date and Time of the Appointment will allot a $1.25 Adder Bonus to the Base Pay.
    1. TIER 1: The SMB Rep will earn a .35 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 1-3 accounts activated in a 7 day period.
    2. TIER 2: The SMB Rep will earn a .65 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 4-7 accounts activated in a 7 day period.
    3. TIER 3: The SMB Rep will earn a .95 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 8-11 accounts activated in a 7 day period.
    4. TIER 4: The SMB Rep will earn a 1.25 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 12+ accounts activated in a 7 day period.

      For example, if the total MRC of a new Subscriber’s account is $100, and this is the Rep’s first activation or account for the week, the Commission to be paid out for this new Account would be $35. Or, if this is the Rep’s 4th Activation, then the Commission on this new Account would be $65
      (Tiers are exclusive and do not retro-act back to the previous tier.)
    1. Pay Dates are Weekly, to be paid on the following Monday after the previous Sales Campaign work week via Direct Deposit or Zelle for all earned payments. SMB Rep must have a US Based bank account or Zelle to receive payment.
    2. If a holiday falls on that Monday, the VA will receive payment on the following business day.
    3. Adders and any commissions due are calculated and paid out on when the New Account is fully funded and paid out to the Company, usually within two (2) weeks following the Service Activation date and will be included on the following Monday’s Direct Deposit.
    4. Additionally, once a payment has been triggered for a commission, adder or Base Pay, a W-9 Form will be required to be completed and authorized prior to any payments being released.

Revised 8 May 2024 | This Compensation Package is Subject to Change


The undersigned party above agrees and understands that by signing this Electronic Signature Acknowledgment, that all electronic signatures are the legal equivalent of a manual or handwritten signature and the party consents to be legally bound to this SMB Telecom Compensation Agreement.