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Name of SMB Independent Contractor

This SMB Telecom Independent Contractor Agreement is made and entered into as of:

between Next Wave Marketing, LLC with a principal place of business at 6825 E Tennessee Ave #305 in Denver, CO 80224 and the above-named SMB Telecom Independent Contractor who resides at:

Mailing Address


Next Wave Marketing, LLC, a Colorado Limited Liability Company, hereafter, referred to as “the Company” wishes to engage the Independent Contractor, hereafter, referred to as “the Contractor” or “the Rep”, do hereby, representative of the undersigned parties, execute on this SMB Telecom Independent Contractor Agreement, hereafter, referred to as “SMB Agreement” for the expressed purpose of procuring, marketing and creating new telecom Subscriber accounts for our client in the Small Business arena, under T-Mobile’s offerings, Rate Plans and services.


Engagement of Services
Whereas, the Company chooses to engage the services of the Contractor to perform said duties to include but not limited to: prospecting and cultivating existing businesses, exploring mobility and/or internet options, and recommending new services to compete with based on performance, pricing, and positioning. The Rep will articulate, work towards, and establish a mutual exchange of business based on honesty, trust, and professionalism.

Independent Contractor
The Contractor is an Independent Contractor and is not an employee, partner, or co-venturer of the Company. The Contractor is solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings, and other statutory, regulatory, or contractual obligations of any sort. Nothing within this SMB Agreement or the relationship between the two parties shall imply or be construed as an Employee-Employer relationship.

Contractors shall at all times remain solely liable and responsible for their licensing, insurance, and all other aspects of operating their business.

The Contractor is solely responsible for knowing the liabilities and regulations surrounding the completion of associated and contracted tasks and is responsible for the ongoing education and awareness of all aspects of completing that which they have agreed to complete.

The Contractor recognizes that all business between the Company and the Contractor is done on the mutual understanding of best efforts. At no time shall the contractor be entitled to any compensation or reward outside of what the Company has previously agreed upon.

At no time shall the Contractor hold the Company, its ownership, management, staff, or affiliated companies and/or clients liable for any loss or injury incurred during the course of completing contracted tasks.

Whereas, the Company chooses to engage the services of the Contractor to perform said duties to include but not limited to: prospecting existing small business locations, exploring mobility and/or internet options and recommending new services to compete with performance and pricing for the end user.

Additionally, the Rep will maintain a digital accounting and deploy their Company supplied device, i.e. iPad to enter details, accounts, points of contact, and otherwise maintain an accurate description of each interaction with prospective subscribers.

Subscribers are the end-users, customers or small business owners who activate a new service via a rate plan. For the purpose of providing new service to a subscriber, new accounts are considered as Activations or Port Ins requiring a SIM Card to be activated.

This SMB Telecom Agreement shall commence on the above-referenced date and shall continue until terminated by either party with 30 days written notice.

Working Conditions
The Contractor shall solely be responsible for determining the method, details, and means of performing the services described in the Duties section. However, the Contractor must adhere to any working conditions set forth by the Company, including compliance with all company policies and procedures applicable to independent contractors concerning hours of availability, follow-up meetings, and hours outside the typical office hours.

In exchange for the Base or Hourly Rate Pay, the Contractor agrees to be available to perform services for the Company for 35 – 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday with reasonable notice of scheduling changes from either the Company or the Contractor.

Confidentiality & Abidance of Terms
The Contractor agrees not to disclose or use, for personal benefit or the benefit of third parties, any confidential information of the Company without prior written consent from the Company. This includes Trademarks, DT marks from marketing materials, and information provided from prospective small businesses.

Representations and Warranties
The Contractor hereby represents that they are authorized to perform contracted tasks within their respective jurisdiction, have maintained and will continue to maintain a clean driving record. The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that any agents or sub-agents working with them or in their employ to complete tasks will not attempt to perform any task or project associated with the Company while under the influence of any drug, narcotic, or alcoholic beverage.

Company Property
Any items sent to the Contractor for use as a resource which may include, but isn’t limited to; iPad, SIM Cards, business cards, and pre-printed collateral shall be returned immediately upon termination of the business relationship, either by the Contractor or the Company. It will remain the property of the Company.

All property not returned in a satisfactory time and manner will be back-charged to the Contractor at the replacement cost. In the event it is not returned, the Contractor agrees to pay the replacement cost within not less than 3 business days.

Remedies to uphold this provision shall include but are not limited to the withholding of future monies that may be owed to the Contractor in connection with the processing of Subscriber accounts.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of COLORADO, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any, and all disputes between the two parties are unconditionally subject to the jurisdiction of the state of COLORADO.

Independent Contractor Email

Next Wave Marketing, LLC

J Sonny Wolcott,
CEO/VP Telecom

The undersigned party above agrees and understands that by signing this Electronic Signature Acknowledgment, that all electronic signatures are the legal equivalent of a manual or handwritten signature and the party consent to be legally bound to this SMB Telecom Independent Contractor Agreement.