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Name of Virtual Representative


This is the Compensation Package for the above-named individual, hereafter, referred to as Rep or Virtual Rep AND Next Wave Marketing, LLC, hereafter, referred to as the Company.


    1. This Compensation Package is subject to change based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), including tasks completed, milestones achieved and the upward trend of Net Activations on all active Campaigns.
    2. Our relevant partner programs are ultimately responsible for the ability to provide an hourly or salary base payment, but in exchange for this, Reps must demonstrate consistency and continued elevated business practices along with an increase of new subscribers, week-over-week and month-over-month..
    1. The Marketing Assistant will earn and be paid a starting Base Hourly Rate of $13 per hour.
    2. In accordance with IRS Guidelines, this is not an Employee-based salary, but a Professional Services fee based on an hourly rate by the Independent Contractor for work duties to be performed in conjunction with the Company’s current Campaigns that are active.
    1. Every Qualified LEAD entered into any Portal, i.e. (Activation Portal for all Campaigns) with: 1) (POC) Point of Contact and (DM) Decision Maker information, 2) Existing Service Provider, 3) Valid Contact Phone, 4) relevant information along with 5) valid Day/Date and Time of the Appointment will allot a $1.50 Adder Bonus to the Base Pay.
    1. TIER 1: The Rep will earn a .45 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 1-3 accounts activated in a 7 day period.
    2. TIER 2: The Rep will earn a .65 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 4-7 accounts activated in a 7 day period.
    3. TIER 3: The Rep will earn a .85 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 8-11 accounts activated in a 7 day period.
    4. TIER 4: The Rep will earn a 1.05 multiplier of the (MRC) Monthly Recurring Charge as a Commission for 12+ accounts activated in a 7 day period.

      For example, if the total MRC of a new Subscriber’s account is $100, and this is the Rep’s first activation or account for the week, the Commission to be paid out for this new Account would be $45. Or, if this is the Rep’s 4th Activation, then the Commission on this new Account would be $65. Tiers are exclusive and do not retro-act back to the previous tier.
    1. Pay Dates are Weekly, to be paid on Monday via Direct Deposit or via Zelle for all earned Salaries to be paid the following week after a 1-week hold. Reps must have a US Based bank account or Zelle to receive payment.
    2. If a holiday falls on that Monday, Reps will receive payment on the following business day.
    3. Adders and any commissions due are calculated and paid out on when the New Account is fully funded and paid out to the Company, usually within two (2) weeks following the Service Activation date and will be included on the following Monday’s Direct Deposit.
    4. Upon the trigger of Base Pay, Commission or Adder payment, a W-9 Form will be required to be completed and authorized prior to any payments being deposited.

Revised 8 May 2024 | This Compensation Package is Subject to Change


The undersigned party above agrees and understands that by signing this Electronic Signature Acknowledgment, that all electronic signatures are the legal equivalent of a manual or handwritten signature and the party consents to be legally bound to this SMB Telecom Compensation Agreement.