What Is On-Demand Marketing

Let’s Define On-Demand

Perhaps it would be good to take a quick trip back to establish some context for On-Demand Marketing. 

You’ve undoubtedly read about our previous affiliation at the sales level, with several national digital entertainment companies. That evolution paved the way for what’s currently trending and how it got its start from those previous models from years ago. Streaming is what they call it now. Different name, same idea. Instant gratification.

But, as a young(er) sales guy knocking on doors, I remember when they began offering pay-per-view events. It was in the late 90’s. Our core programming was becoming more and more interactive. Daily, we demonstrated its ease and rapid fulfillment of happiness. Soon, many would wait on hold forever just to get access to that one live programming title. Movies recently out of the box office along with sporting events were among the top selections for television lovers.

From the sales department, we readily encouraged its repeated and liberal use through bill credits and coupons. We began feeding the entertainment frenzy.

The Revolution – Now In High Definition

Time went by. The executives’ eyes grew bigger when they realized they could duplicate this with childrens shows and movies in general. Audiences grew exponentially from that simple push on the shiny remote. And suddenly, consumers everywhere were held captive. On-Demand was officially born! The exchange was inlaid by – offering convenience from the comforts of home and a simple change to their buying habits.

The modes of buying and selling have changed dramatically over the years. We still share some common elements with our old shopping patterns, but a new breed is headed our way. Entertainment value holds the highest form of attention and yet, it’s tempting to hold on to those older customs.

On-Demand Marketing Customers

So what does that have to do with my business? Imagine having that kind of instantaneous access to your prospective clientele without ever leaving your comfy office chair.

What exactly is necessary? Can you effectively manage, serve and keep your company’s image intact while holding the golden goose? Read on.

The simple definition of demand marketing is bringing attention or awareness to a particular product or service. How do you rely on that currently? Advertising? Your website? Or are you taking an active role in bringing your wares to market? On-Demand Marketing simply means that you’re able to do all of the above on an ongoing basis. Muscle memory takes over and it becomes second nature.

Change Your On-Demand Marketing Habits

What is absolutely necessary is a change in your marketing and delivery habits. No longer can you afford to wait for that new source of revenue to reach out and call or email you. You’ll need to be proactive, not passive to drive an increased sense of your visibility.

What that amounts to is a revived sense of why you’re in business. You’ll undoubtedly get push back from seasoned veterans and staffing since they’re used to the old guard. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ will have to be eliminated from your business owner philosophy.

Perhaps your day starts every morning at 10:00 AM. What if you subtract 2 hours from that and make several stops along the way. It could be at a local supplier or a vendor that you’d like to touch base with. Bring some goodies or promotional materials to leave on their front counter. Offer donuts in the morning just as a way to 

Plan An On-Demand Marketing Happy Hour

They say that food is what brings us all together and what better way then the end of the day. When many are thinking of heading home, use your conference room and prepare for a toast to your business. It takes planning and a little foresight, but making it a two-way street so that participation is shared is priceless. Networking groups bring huge value to the marketplace, but for many, at a sacrifice to busy schedules and prime opportunities. This provides a way to cater to time and environment as you see many of the same faces each and every day.

Your On-Demand Marketing Recruiting

In order to have any prolonged success at driving results, you need the buy-in of everyone in your camp. This means that regardless of their position, the only metric that matters is effort. On-Demand marketing is the least favorable ingredient to the main course, but is the most effective. Make sure your new people understand that during the onboarding process.

Next Wave Marketing always promotes EFFORT BASED RESULTS and this suggestion really boils down to believing in the process. Having a skill set as a closer is only as good as the ability to have a prospect to close. New talent to your business must possess the ability to close and acquire new customers by directly engaging with them.

In Short, Evolving By Solving Is Energy Well Spent

Just as digital entertainment took stock in ignoring the past, your goal as a business owner should be to invent the future. Your service and / or product is simply not enough. The noise out there is deafening to everyone. Whether it be from traditional methods of marketing or advertising to email blasts and social media, it’s loud. The solution and end result you want for your business lies in helping them to solve a problem BEFORE it occurs. Like a roadblock meant to stop a high speed chase, your On-Demand Marketing campaign can start the wheels in motion.

And, if your business has stalled out and you’re fighting to keep it alive, then the solution to your problems are EASY!

Over the years, I can recall so many instances where I heard those words, “I can’t believe you’re here!” A past customer or a new one, telling me about the situation that happened just that very morning. Demand marketing takes your gifts and drives them in a different direction completely.

Please give Next Wave Marketing Group in Denver a call today or click HERE to discuss opportunities to move ahead. Don’t forget, the holiday season is soon upon us, so folks will be out, running into problems. You can be there to fix them.

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